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Our canteen provides healthy options for our students. They can ensure their choice of food by ordering before school each day.  We are open to new ideas and welcome any suggestions for new options.

The Canteen provides a lunch order service. Use of this service is the preferred option. When using the Canteen students must:

  • Order lunches before roll call by filling out a lunch bag and handing it with the money to a canteen assistant.
  • Collect lunch orders during the first 10 minutes of the lunch break. (General purchases will not be served until the lunch bell goes.)
  • Do not attempt to purchase any goods from the Canteen at times other than before school, lunch and recess. (Senior students on early start periods are exempt from this rule.)
  • Queue quietly and use the well-established routine for queuing. Students should not order food for other students.
  • Leave the Canteen once they have been served
  • Be polite to the Canteen people who have volunteered to give their time to help at our school.
  • Follow the directions of the teacher on duty. 

No student can be served after the bell has rung for the start of school, the end of recess or the end of lunch

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