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Creative and Performing Arts

Students can unleash their creative flair through dance and drama performances, competitions, exhibitions and enrichment programs. Students with particular interests and talents can participate in local and statewide activities in visual arts, music, dance and drama.

Rock Bands Program

Swansea High School has many rock bands and proactively promotes student performances both at school and in the community. Musicians are mentored by teachers and Peter Perry, an ex-student who is a six time Starstruck Rock Band member, who is mentoring young musicians who have an interest in forming bands. They meet during lunch time in the music room each day to develop musical skills as well as rehearse for major performances at Dreamnight, school presentation assemblies and 'Swansea High ROCKS!'  

Music Ensemble

Want to play an instrument? A group of talented  orchestral musicians have formed a music ensemble led by Kelsey Scott. Kelsey has a great deal of experience leading school bands as well as playing an array of instruments. Her skills and commitment will ensure their skills will develop and the music they play will be aligned to their age, skill level and also be self-determined. The students meet each week to develop their repertoire and performance and have had recent success in winning competitions such as Bandfest.


Star Struck is a performing arts extravaganza presented by the Hunter area of the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Swansea High performs at this prestigious event each year providing dancers, musicians, singers and soloists.


Our annual school performance night  ('Dreamnight') which includes a range of artworks, drama, music and dance performances. This is a huge production and is a night not to be missed.


Our School Choir has a wide range of students who join for fun and a good time. They meet each Wednesday during lunch time in the music room and learn new songs, melodies and harmonies. The choir performs in the community and the school.