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Premiers Sporting Challenge

Premier's Sporting Challenge

Swansea High School has been participating in the Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC) Sports Leadership program since its inception in 2009. As part of the program we work with our feeder Galgabba Community of Schools with their Year 5 and 6 students.

The program provides a unique opportunity for schools to develop collaborative sport and physical activity programs within their school learning communities which may include local community sport organisations.

Learning to Lead for students in years 5 - 8 is the first of three stages of the PSC Sport Leadership program which is providing an education pathway for student leaders with aspirations and interests in organising sport and physical activity programs, through to sport coaching and officiating.

In term 1 each year the Years 9-10 students will be involved in the Learning to Lead Years 5-8 program as assistant sport coaches. At this stage it is anticipated that most of these students will be studying the Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) course in stage 5, Years 9 and 10.

This course will also incorporate the Coloured Vest program developed by the NSW Department of Communities' Sport and Recreation Unit. The Coloured Vest program has an online theory component integrated into practical sessions with the wearing of the yellow vest by each of the Year 9 and 10 students participating in the workshops.

In November (term 4) each year, the Leading with Action students participate in PSC Sport Leadership coaching/official accreditation workshops, giving them an opportunity to attain two beginner level coaching certificates.

In 2014 the Sport Leadership program will be extended to complete stage 3, Leading through Change - years 11 - 12.

Selected students will attend training camps in December to be held at regional Sport and Recreation Centres.

The Leading through Change - years 11 - 12 leadership course will include recreational leadership activities conducted by Sport and Recreation staff. Participants will also have an opportunity to complete two Sport Coaching certificates, conducted by NSW Sport Association partners of the PSC.

The Premier's Secondary School Sport Challenge aims to engage young people in sport and physical activity and encourages them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

The Premier's Secondary School Sport Challenge involves teams of up to 32 students in a 10 week sport and physical activity challenge.

A team may accumulate time spent in a broad range of sports and recreational pursuits during lunchtime, in school sport programs, class time, after school or in weekend physical activity.

Any physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity can be used to accrue time for the Challenge.

Moderate activities can be as simple as brisk walking, bike riding with friends, skateboarding, yoga and dancing.

Vigorous activities are usually associated with activities such as football, netball, aerobics, soccer, running, fitness circuits, swimming laps and training for sport.

A range of awards and incentives are available to encourage and acknowledge the work and achievements of the school community throughout the Challenge.

Members of teams that have reached the Premier's Secondary School Sport Challenge Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Award receive a certificate at the conclusion of the Challenge.

The following minimum levels of time spent in activity apply to the Awards:

Swansea High School is currently participating in the program with our Year 7 cohort and will look to expand this program next year.