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Learning and Support Teacher

The Learning and Support Teacher (LAST) supports students with disabilities to participate in mainstream classes. The LAST works with teachers, parents and carers, students, and outside agencies to develop Individual Programs to suit the needs of the student to access mainstream education and their goals whilst at school.

 The role of the LAST includes:

  • Providing direct support for students with additional learning needs including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, difficulties in learning including Dyslexia, behaviour disorders, language and communication disorders, and confirmed disabilities.
  •  Developing Individual Education Plans and Transition Plans in consultation with students, parents and carers, teachers, and outside agencies where required.
  •  Organising Special Provisions for students who need support to complete assessments and exams and work with individual students.
  • Developing specific programs for groups and individual students and implement the programs.
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating teaching programs for students with additional learning needs in conjunction with their regular classroom teachers.
  •  Providing professional advice, support and mentoring to classroom teachers on:
    • how best to cater for the diverse learning needs with in their classrooms, and
    • how to effectively work in partnership with families to maximise learning opportunities for students at school and at home
  • Providing professional advice and assistance about students with additional learning needs to the school's Learning Support Team.
  • Assisting with professional learning for classroom teachers and the School Learning Support Officers within the school.

Please contact the LAST on 49711944 with regard to any enquiries about students with specific learning needs.