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Minimbah AECG Partnership

The Partnership Agreement is a statement of intent, defining how the Minimbah Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) will work together within Minimbah AECG boundaries.

This Partnership Agreement demandsAboriginal peoples' rights to an education and training system that acknowledges and respects Aboriginal peoples as belonging to the oldest living culture of humanity as well as being the first peoples of this land.

This Partnership Agreement recognises the need for Schools and TAFE Colleges to identify common educational goals, developed in consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal communities, which will support the successful aspirations of Aboriginal learners.

The Partnership Agreement has meaning and purpose through:

  • Fostering collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to promote better understanding of our shared history, respect and acceptance of diverse cultures.
  • Recognising the unique place Aboriginal people have in this country.
  • Implementing policies and programs to support the needs of Aboriginal learners and their communities.

The Agreement was signed by Roselea Newburn (President of the Minimbah AECG) and Galgabba Principals at the Minimbah AECG Partnership Signing Agreement Ceremony at Swansea High School and was witnessed by Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal Swansea High School students, Galgabba Primary School students, the Minimbah Dance Group, community members, parents and distinguished guests from the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

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