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Differentiated Curriculum

To assist in ensuring students are provided with the best opportunity for this Swansea High has developed structures to further support a differentiated approach to learning. A Stage 4 GATS class (Karakal)  as well as a Stage 4 Support class (Tirriki) have been established to support improved learning outcomes.

These classes provide an environment where students are with a cohort that is working at a similar level. The GATS class has a variety of different strategies to extend the students and encourage more self-direction, choice and the opportunity to extend themselves academically. The creation of the independent learners class has also allowed students who have strong self-discipline and self-direction an opportunity to have the best possible learning environment for them to achieve. The Karakal class has allowed a greater number of students to operate in the top bands with 75 students included in the top stream compared to 60 previously. Both 7S & 8S ( Independent Learners classes ) and 7W & 8W are performing extremely well.

The support class (Tirriki) has provided an environment where students who have struggled with their learning are given an opportunity to have more targeted remedial support that will reduce the frustration and improve their success in learning. The work produced by Tirriki provides evidence of the success of the structure. The teachers of this class take a more hands on, practical approach in their learning and work with the students to ensure full participation and engagement.