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School Learning Support Officers

School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs), previously known as Teacher's Aides, are an important part of the support that is provided to students and classes with additional learning needs. The support that these skilled professionals provide includes:

  • Support within the classroom. This support includes assisting students to understand instructions, complete the work and sometimes to keep the students on task. This support is sometimes directed towards specific members of the class but often they wander around the room and provide support to any student who needs help.
  • Some students have special needs as the result of a temporary injury (for example a broken arm) or they may have a more permanent disability, like Cerebral Palsy.  The SLSOs are able to go into the kitchens, science labs and workshops to support these students to complete their work.
  • Some students qualify for Special Provision support for assessment tasks. For these students the teachers differentiate the tasks so that students with learning difficulties can still access the task but in some situations, like examinations, there may be a need for a reader and/or writer.  The SLSOs can act as reader / writer for these students.
  • The SLSOs attend excursions to support all students to gain the most from the learning opportunity.
  • The SLSOs also mingle with the students in the playground at lunchtime and recess. By doing this they are able to support the students who need guidance with their social skills.
  • Some students need to take medication for various reasons. As some students can forget to take their medications the SLSOs ensure that all of the students on their list get support in this area on a daily basis.

The School Learning Support Officers at Swansea High School are experienced and skilled professionals who support all students in many different areas with the aim of enabling all students to achieve their best at school.