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Teaching and Learning

The Head Teacher Teaching and Learning is responsible for supporting all students to achieve their best at school. The responsibilities include:

  • Supervision of programs that support the learning of the students like the Super 6 Program that all teachers are implementing, and the Authentic Assessments Program that encourages students in years 8 and 10 to evaluate their own learning.
  • Supervision of behaviour and social skills programs like the Period 7 & 8 Program that supports the students who struggle to make good decisions at the end of the day, the Girls Program that provides the girls with personal knowledge and life skills, and the Cocoon Program that supports the students to develop their social skills whilst creating a project. These programs will change and evolve over time depending on the needs of the students.
  • Coordination of student Individual Education Plans. These are plans that are developed through conversations with parents, carers, outside agencies and the students. The aim of these plans is to discuss areas where the student is experiencing difficulties and ensure that the school is providing individual support or the student.
  • Coordination of student transition from school to work. Students may have a Mental and / or Physical Disabilities which provide additional obstacles for the students as they move through school and beyond. These students require a Transition Plan which enables these students to access the support that they need.
  • Organising activities that support all students in the playground. This includes placing the School Learning Support Officers into the playground to support students to make good social decisions and the creation of the Computer Club.
  • Coordination of Distance Education. Distance Education is a service that some students access to maximise their learning options. Part of this responsibility includes providing support for the mentor teachers and the students to ensure that the students have the best possible support.

The areas involved in supporting the learning of the students are many and varied. They include tailored programs for groups and individual programs, as well as support for the teachers. If you have a student who needs some additional support in order to achieve their best please feel free to contact the school office.